Weekly Photo Challenge: Growths

Now I know I said this blog would be about “words”, but as you know photography is a little hobby of mine. I have been “taking pictures” since I was little, my first picture that I took at age 2.

Therefore, for this week’s photo challenge I want to include two pictures, because they show my growth not only in height, but perspective.

I have always been a dreamer, which is most likely why I am drawn to music, movies and literature. I am unabashedly a hopeless romantic at heart, am always writing stories, and over the course of the last year, I have found a broader purpose.

I put a great deal of stress on myself to do well, in sports, music, academics, everything. But as that stress has become a problem to the point where I would worry so much to the point my grades would start to slide, I realized I needed to fix something.

So I drew myself into the wonderful world of Hollywood’s Golden Era, plunging deeper into an already big love of mine. I found an escape and combined this with some list making and breathing. Now, my grades are higher than the have been in years, I have had a break through in field hockey (my sister and I are now the “dynamic duo”), and received the lead in our school musical. (Which I get to star as one of my top three dream parts)

Sorry for the break, I promise the next post will be back on topic. 😊


The first picture, of course, is my first ever photo.

The second is a photo take this summer. I included this one because it has a mystical feeling in it, which reminds me of how I am a dreamer and how that has actually helped me grow as a person.

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