“Evermore” from Beauty and the Beast

Everyone knows how much of a hit the new Beauty and the Beast was, with classic songs like “Be Our Guest” and renowned actors such as Emma Watson and Josh Gad.

However, what was the moment that pulled at your heartstrings the most? Was it when the Beast picked up Belle during the stunning song “Beauty and the Beast”? Or was it when Belle was crying over the Beast’s body, begging him to hold on? Maybe it was when Mrs. Potts was searching in vain for Chip before they all became permanently objects?

For me, it was when the Beast sang “Evermore”.

This song touched me so much, I felt tears in my eyes when I first saw the film in theaters. That is what I loved so much about this version of the movie because we got to see such a deeper level of the Beast’s character than I felt we did in the 1991 film. Behind every lyric, every note, you hear the passion and conflict inside him. That’s what touched me so most.

My family knows me so well that my brother and his fiancée actually gave me the sheet music to the new film, including the song “Evermore” for Christmas. As soon as we all finished opening presents I quickly dashed to the piano to attempt to sight-read my favorite song.

While I plunked away through the key change, which I was delighted about as I don’t play in A major very often and was relieve to be playing in C major which I am much more familiar with, I noticed in one measure a couple notes that shocked me. These little notes I had never noticed listening to the song were actually part of the song Belle sings earlier, the exact part where she sings “I want adventure-“.

The irony? “Evermore” is sung as the Beast watches Belle fleeing home to the rescue of her father, back to the town she wanted to escape from.

But wait, there’s more! Right after that I noticed another small phrase that seemed to come directly from the song “Beauty and the Beast”! Coincidence? I doubt it, composers are a lot more creative than some people credit them to be.

What are your thoughts? What is your favorite song from “Beauty and the Beast”?

Feel free to let me know in the comments below!


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