The Holiday Season Inn Style

Holiday Inn - A Classic Holiday Movie Review


Ethan Frome – The Unloved Novel

My English class has just finished reading Edith Wharton's 1911 novel. I have almost always enjoyed reading my required books, some I barely got through the nightly reading, but never have I completely fallen in love with a book at school like Ethan Frome. "I want to put my hand out and touch you. I [...]

Quote of the Day

Henry Drummond: "Yes. The individual human mind. In a child's power to master the multiplication table, there is more sanctity than in all your shouted "amens" and "holy holies" and "hosannas." An idea is a greater monument than a cathedral. And the advance of man's knowledge is a greater miracle than all the sticks turned [...]

That Lady in Ermine – The ups and downs of the 1948 film

A married countess and a forbidden romance with an enemy Hungarian colonel: sound like the making for a perfect film. But of course, we must at a meddlesome doppelgänger, living ancestral portraits, a couple dream sequences. The Countess Angelina has just married Mario, who leaves for his regiment the same night as the enemy Hungarians [...]

“Evermore” from Beauty and the Beast

Everyone knows how much of a hit the new Beauty and the Beast was, with classic songs like "Be Our Guest" and renowned actors such as Emma Watson and Josh Gad. However, what was the moment that pulled at your heartstrings the most? Was it when the Beast picked up Belle during the stunning song [...]